Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Dinner Change of Date

Hello Ladies! Just a quick update . . . our fabulous Fall Fest Dinner is going to be postponed. Thank you, Toni and Ashley, for being flexible on this! Just let us all know what the new date will be and what we can all do or bring to help! Can't wait to see you all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Party Ideas

Hey Gals, while researching halloween craft and
party ideas for my mom I came across a few ideas
that I thought could be fun for our get together on
the 24th. Leave comments on what you like or even
sign up to bring a treat that is listed below. OR
feel free to post other ideas that you gals have found
so we can take a poll of interest and decide on a definite
craft. If you want more info on anything email me and
I can get you full recipes or patterns.

I would love to make these favors for everyone!

Chocolate Ganache covered cheesecake.
Loved the snake design!

Sweet Potato Chips

Green Curried Chile Soup served in a caldron

Pumpkin-gingerbread icecream sandwiches

Love this punch bowl made out of a hollowed out
and cut pumpkin. I also havent seen dry ice fog
for such a long time too.

Black licorice creme brulee. (mmm bread pudding
would be a yummy fall dessert too)

Bartlett Pear soup (I also have a white bean and
sausage soup that can be served in hollowed out

Loved this idea. Carving a relief on the face of a
pumpkin (you can hollow out the pumpkin so the
shaved parts glow when lit form inside) but then
ink the relief and make prints off of it. Prints to
hang on the wall or prints on paper lanterns.

Every gal could bring a fake or real pumpkin, a small cylinder
glass vase (to put in pumpkin to hold the water), and a fall
bouquet from Costco and we can practice our flower arranging

Large pumpkins + mini pumpkins= pumpkin owls

These pumpkins had christmas lights stuck through
holes poked in patterns. Great lighting effect.
Idea from our cute Kitch.

Carved pumpkins that are carved to light up certain
areas while wearing these cute masks.

Gilding real or fake pumpkins, gold or silver
and making nice silk leaves to arrange with them.
Great craft that will look great on display all through

****Also Kelly mentioned that we could decorate
Witches Hats (with feathers, cobwebs, glitter, ribbon)
as the group craft as well. Very cute Idea....would make
for fun pictures.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the 24th!

pictures from

hi cute girls,

toni and i are so excited to host the second cc meeting of this month! hopefully we'll get the chance to get to know some of you girls even better - we truly look forward to that.

anyway, the shin-dig will take place at ashley's home (up in midway - maybe the utah valley girls will want to talk about car pooling? it's a pretty drive - i promise). what do you guys think about 5 or 6 o'clock on saturday the 24th? we will be more than happy to provide some good directions and a cozy fireplace.

we are thinking we'll do something fun and festive (either a halloween or "fallish" type craft), a yummy dinner will be served and since toni is the QUEEN of classic scary movies, be prepared. or should i say...warned. 

hope to see you all there!

toni and ash

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September CC October!

Alright... Sorry about missing our date in Sept.
But the nature hike has now been rescheduled and...
just in time to see the wondrous colors that can now
be found up the road in American Fork Canyon.
These pictures are ones I took just in the last few days.
Really, its truly stunning.

New info:
Saturday October 10th
@ 1:00 p.m.
meet at Bethany's house

Fun treats, nature adventure, and then fun
craft will be included.

Email Bethany your RSVP as well as any questions
that you might have. Bring ideas for a fun and easy
dinner, craft, or movie that we can use for the
October meeting that is still scheduled for Oct 24th.
Ash and Tone you still on that?
Hope to see you all on the 10th.

August CC Meeting: Eastern European Day

Thanks ladies for all your time in preparation,
I felt so enriched with knowledge after hearing
all of your presentations and tasting your yummy
authentic dishes.

Countries Covered:
Czech Republic
{So many lovely pictures.... I know my
"Places to travel to" list has now
gotten longer.}

July CC Meeting: Summer Concert

Thanks for coming out.
What Lovely Memories!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Posting and hosting...

Alright, this is my first time posting on here AND my first time hosting. Two things that rhyme AND scare me. I am not the wonderful Bethany Madison, so please don't expect party of the year :). I am excited to have you all over for Culture Club this month though. Here is what we need.

1. FIRST, sign up for a country (if you haven't already). These are your options:

Republic of Macedonia

2. SECOND, prepare a 5-7 minute presentation. Get that gals? Short and sweet. We want to know what YOU find interesting. History, travel sights, experiences, whatevs. Short is best.

3. THIRD, prepare a snack, food, or little something from your country. For example, I am doing Romania. I will make a food that people eat in Romania. Difficult? Maybe, but you can do it.

4. FOURTH (don't you love that I'm writing the number twice?) come ready to party in our Eastern European way. If you don't know where I live, I'm the house next to Bethany (on the corner).

5. FIFTH see you here at 2:00 pm. If that doesn't work for you we can do it earlier, but not later because of a ward gathering I feel I must attend.

Who's HYPED? I know I am. And just to get you started here is a little bit about a country dear to my heart, Romania:

Romania was ruled from 1974-1989 by one of the most evil men in history, Nicolae Ceausescu. He and his wife made up the creepiest couple ever and ruled the country by fear. Do you know that while his country was starving and couldn't even buy toilet paper, he and his wife refused to wear the same thing twice? They would buy a new outfit (including accessories) for each day and then would burn them afterwards so that no one else could wear them. They make me sick. Anyway, what Ceausescu is most known for are his crazy laws. In 1966 he banned abortion (now although this might not seem like a crazy law, just you wait) and created a 20% tax on men and women who had no children after they were 25. Most of us would be doomed huh? Infertility, being single, none of those excuses worked. He then later decreed that women should produce at least 5 children. If you had 10 you were declared a heroine of Romania, but few women ever sought that title. So 5 children? What's the big deal right? I grew up with 5 siblings...big families here in this state. But, can you imagine trying to have 5 children when you can't even feed yourself? Many mothers were forced to give up their children, hoping that the state would give them a better life than they could...

This intro sets me up for what I am going to talk about, the children of Romania. My favorite subject. Can't wait to see you there!
(me and some of my Romanian babies, can't get enough of them)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lavender Shoot

{Pics I took on our picnic today}

I am so excited for this shoot I cant even tell you.
I just took my mother in law on a picnic for her
birthday in the fields and...oh my word.
It is so gorgeous, I couldn't stop taking pictures.
You guys will love it.
So here is the plan.....

-Everybody meet at my house @ 6pm
Monday evening, sun sets around
8:30 so we want plenty of time to
get there and shoot in good light
(for those of you that cant come till
later I will post directions at the end
of the post so you can meet us there)
-Bring a couple snazzy outfits, but at
least one all black dress or outfit
(group shot!)
if you dont mind I thought we could mix
and match our clothes for different looks
-Come with your hair done, but I will have
brushes, hairspray, bobby pins, etc
for some do's on the spot
-Come with your make-up done but do
bring your make-up bag with you
(I will bring some of my fancier
make up so we can add to and get
creative with your already gorgeous
-Im going to try to bring both of my
fancy chairs to pose with
-Bring some treats or drinks if you like
-Come ready to sass it up, lets not be
timid for the camera girls

I posted some pictures from my most recent fashion shoot
that is part of a vintage project that Im
doing for my grandmother.
Hope they inspire you and get you
stoked for our
{my older sister Karin in Granna's power suit}

-Go south on I-15 for 45 min from lehi
1 hour or so from SLC
-Get off on exit 242 South Sanaquin
-Turn left at the first stop sign
-go south on that frontage road for about 6 miles
-you will see the fields a few miles out
-Follow the signs to the visitor center and then
give me a call so I can direct you to our location


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion Shoot Anyone?

A couple of gals thought that it would be fun to post
highlights on each one of us so we can get to know
each other better. The post would include your
answers to a fun little interview questionnaire and
a photograph. I thought that it would be fun to
collect lovely pictures of all of you in a couple
CC fashion shoots, photographed by me.
I came up with two particular shoots that you could
sign up for one or the other...or even both. Im open to
suggestions so let them flow if you have any. The
shoots will both be in that golden light that occurs
around sunset (the warmer tones make your skin look
great as well as create a great hair light that adds a glow)
I could bring all my gear reflectors, lights, and assistant
(Reece). We can go all out with make-up and hair as
well as multiple outfits and styles. (if you havent noticed
I love organized shoots, fashion shoots are the best)
Here are the options so far....

Option #1: To take place July 10th or 11th (late notice
I know Im going to call the location to see about some
more options, but all that great purple might get
harvested pretty soon)

With a chair that looks a lot
like this


this chair that I just got (will
look so hot with red lipstick)

Placed in the middle of this (in lighting
that will look a lot like this)
Mona UT, Young Living Farms
(south of spanish fork)

Option #2: Don't have a specific date for this one,
but I was thinking maybe the next week on the 17th?

This couch

possibly in the fields around my house
for this kind of look or maybe in front
of an architectural background?

but the lighting will look like this
(mixed, flash and daylight underexposed)

{photos are Rebecca Westover}

What do you gals think? Comment about
which option sounds best for you to sign up.

July Concert Tickets

Hey Girls its time to get your tickets they are $25 each
you can purchase them here. Select general admission
(its the cheapest, and is a great option for buying our
tickets separately without having to worry if we are
going to sit next to each other or not.... cause we will
no matter what)

So get excited and mark those calenders....

Friday July 31st

Gate opens at 5:30, a carpool for whoever wants to
will leave Bethany's house around 4:30 or 5. Bring
some treats, blankets, and a camp chair if you can.
Location: Deer Valley Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater.
Directions: here

Comment if you have any suggestions or questions.
Im looking forward to spending yet another wonderful
evening with you all.

June CC Meeting = Time of Yer Lives

Thanks Angie for your splendid traditional "Bubble and Squeak"
breakfast and the extremely informative yet humorous
slide show. We all arrived at the festival physically and
mentally fed. The festival was so much fun, thanks to all that
made it out even if it was for a little bit. Good times were
had by all. Hope to see you all again next month.