Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Party Ideas

Hey Gals, while researching halloween craft and
party ideas for my mom I came across a few ideas
that I thought could be fun for our get together on
the 24th. Leave comments on what you like or even
sign up to bring a treat that is listed below. OR
feel free to post other ideas that you gals have found
so we can take a poll of interest and decide on a definite
craft. If you want more info on anything email me and
I can get you full recipes or patterns.

I would love to make these favors for everyone!

Chocolate Ganache covered cheesecake.
Loved the snake design!

Sweet Potato Chips

Green Curried Chile Soup served in a caldron

Pumpkin-gingerbread icecream sandwiches

Love this punch bowl made out of a hollowed out
and cut pumpkin. I also havent seen dry ice fog
for such a long time too.

Black licorice creme brulee. (mmm bread pudding
would be a yummy fall dessert too)

Bartlett Pear soup (I also have a white bean and
sausage soup that can be served in hollowed out

Loved this idea. Carving a relief on the face of a
pumpkin (you can hollow out the pumpkin so the
shaved parts glow when lit form inside) but then
ink the relief and make prints off of it. Prints to
hang on the wall or prints on paper lanterns.

Every gal could bring a fake or real pumpkin, a small cylinder
glass vase (to put in pumpkin to hold the water), and a fall
bouquet from Costco and we can practice our flower arranging

Large pumpkins + mini pumpkins= pumpkin owls

These pumpkins had christmas lights stuck through
holes poked in patterns. Great lighting effect.
Idea from our cute Kitch.

Carved pumpkins that are carved to light up certain
areas while wearing these cute masks.

Gilding real or fake pumpkins, gold or silver
and making nice silk leaves to arrange with them.
Great craft that will look great on display all through

****Also Kelly mentioned that we could decorate
Witches Hats (with feathers, cobwebs, glitter, ribbon)
as the group craft as well. Very cute Idea....would make
for fun pictures.

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