Wednesday, July 21, 2010

February CC = Love

Our initial plan for our February meeting was disrupted
due to scarcity of particular craft materials in UT, so
we called an audible and redirected the focus from craft
to learning about 3 celebrations that happen around
this time of year.
-Mardi Gras
-Chinese New Year
We had dinner made up of Angie's southern cooking
and Kelly's crepe making skills to represent Mardi Gras, Chinese
Chicken Salad, and the sweetness of Cassandra's
Meringue cupcakes with raspberry curd and creme freche.
We learned about St. Valentine, discussed Mardi Gras and got
a recipe for Kings bread, then familiarized ourselves with
the traditions of the chinese new year and read all of the
chinese zodiacs. This year is the year of the Tiger.
Thanks to all who came, we had a blast.

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