Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June C.C. Cancelled Until Further Notice

Libby and I are in charge of June's Culture Club and after talking it over with her we've decided to postpone our Stewart Falls hike and cabin overnighter until further notice. (I!) 

Unfortunately it's just a case of bad timing.  We had scheduled to host C.C. June 11th-12th and that's the same weekend as our wards Priesthood camp out.  With Bethany and Reece already out of town enjoying India, and our wards priesthood camp out landing on the exact same weekend, it would seem that we would only have a few individuals who could attend.  Libby also mentioned that its still quite cold up there and the landscape is still greening up after all this moisture we've been getting. (Snow in May??)

  We are definitely still planning to do the hike and overnighter and will inform you all we decide when to reschedule it.  Libby and I have really been looking forward to this C.C. so we are NOT going to forget about, don't worry! 

Kelly & Libby