Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion Shoot Anyone?

A couple of gals thought that it would be fun to post
highlights on each one of us so we can get to know
each other better. The post would include your
answers to a fun little interview questionnaire and
a photograph. I thought that it would be fun to
collect lovely pictures of all of you in a couple
CC fashion shoots, photographed by me.
I came up with two particular shoots that you could
sign up for one or the other...or even both. Im open to
suggestions so let them flow if you have any. The
shoots will both be in that golden light that occurs
around sunset (the warmer tones make your skin look
great as well as create a great hair light that adds a glow)
I could bring all my gear reflectors, lights, and assistant
(Reece). We can go all out with make-up and hair as
well as multiple outfits and styles. (if you havent noticed
I love organized shoots, fashion shoots are the best)
Here are the options so far....

Option #1: To take place July 10th or 11th (late notice
I know Im going to call the location to see about some
more options, but all that great purple might get
harvested pretty soon)

With a chair that looks a lot
like this


this chair that I just got (will
look so hot with red lipstick)

Placed in the middle of this (in lighting
that will look a lot like this)
Mona UT, Young Living Farms
(south of spanish fork)

Option #2: Don't have a specific date for this one,
but I was thinking maybe the next week on the 17th?

This couch

possibly in the fields around my house
for this kind of look or maybe in front
of an architectural background?

but the lighting will look like this
(mixed, flash and daylight underexposed)

{photos are Rebecca Westover}

What do you gals think? Comment about
which option sounds best for you to sign up.


Angie said...

Super-duper FUN!!! I will be gone for Youth Conf. (Kel. too) this weekend. Otherwise I totally would've been all over the lavender fields :). As far as another shoot, I can do one anytime (because I don't work).

Lindsey said...

Bethany you are so amazing! I am loving the lavendar fields as well and could definitely do it this Saturday, maybe Friday--Brody always works weekend evenings so that leaves me wide open :) Let me know the details!

*Kelly* said...

You could have organized a photo shoot where you throw paint all over me and I'd sign up! As Angie mentioned we'll be gone this weekend so next is looking better, just give me some more details and I'll try to make it solid! THANK YOU BETHANY!!!

The Winkels said...

Oh I am totally excited about it! I can do next week...I have piano on Tuesday and Wednesday nights but Monday or Thursday would work for me. What if I don't have any fun, fab, artsy outfits though? I totally don't want to spoil the shot :)