Thursday, March 10, 2011

December CC = Crafty Christmas Creations

(yum the baked brea was amazing)

We gathered for our second annual christmas craft make and take exchange. We started with a festive holiday meal, and then got busy crafting. The premise being: everyone brings enough materials to make 8-10 of your one craft, everone attending gets to make one (or more) of your craft so they get to walk away with 5+ different finished crafts to either use as easy christmas gifts or keepsakes for themselves.

I brought yarn and crochet hooks and taught how to crochet a scarf.
Libby brought materials to make paper medallion garlands, or flower earrings.
Angie brought her jewelry making materials and we went to town designing and making earrings.
Kelly Brought materials to make "pie-in-a-jar" gifts. line the jar with pie dough, fill with filling, cover with pie crust with a vent hole, wipe top with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar and bam! you have a gift to give to someone, for them to cook and enjoy right away..... or freeze and save for a cold winters night.

Thanks for the fun night. Crafting and chatting is my favorite use of time.

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