Monday, April 11, 2011

February C.C. Meeting = red letter fun

We finally were able to get the supplies for the heart
felt wreath we wanted to make last year, and this craft
was so fun to make.
We started out with a red and white buffet to snack on
while filling out a "Red Letter Love Lines" quiz.
Lobster ravioli, cherry tomato and mozzarella pearl salad,
strawberries and grapes, red velvet cupcakes, and black Forrest
Angie won the grand prize, red snacks, red necklaces, and an edited copy of Amelie
with a note detailing how the colors of RED and green are used symbolically in the movie. Libby won second place, red Justin Bieber nail polish and chocolate covered
cherries. OMB!
Then we set out crafting...
I also taught how to make ribbon roses, and frilly wired bows.
Thanks for coming everyone!