Tuesday, January 19, 2010


2009 was sublime but now its onto a new year of
enlightening and entertaining enjoyment.
During our Grand Tea the next years schedule
was discussed and determined. I have posted
the events on the side of the blog so that you can
always refer to them to see whatever is up next.
Most of the dates are decided so mark them all on your
new 2010 calender so you can make sure to plan on them.
We thought we would try implementing a more standard
time of month for CC meetings and we decided that the
second saturday of the month will be it. (there are a few
exceptions due to special festival dates and some
peoples schedules)
So thus, there are a few dates that need some
solidification, let me know what you think....

First, February's event.... I figured that a lot of us
might have valentines plans (second weekend) and I have to
tend my cousin's kids during the first weekend soo....
how about meeting on the second
Tuesday the 9th?
That way you can have all the rest of the month to
display the wreath you will
be making?

Then May's event....what do you think about May 1st
instead of May 8th? (Kate and I will be out of town
on the 8th and would not want to miss the fun, but
if the 8th is the only day that will work for the rest of
you than stick to it)

Then June's event... since there is a sleep over offered
let me know if sleeping over from a saturday to a sunday
is problematic for you gals, we could probably make
a friday to saturday event work.

**Do note that November's event is planned on the first
saturday as that date is closest to the actual Day of the Dead.

Then lastly December's event is flexible depending on
how everyones holiday schedules pan out.

Stay tuned for a post describing the details of each event
so you can know more what to look forward to.

Here are some pics from Januarys Event.
Every gal got a high tea package that included
a CD, Lipstick, gloves, and little candies. They also got
to pick a hat from my grandmothers collection to wear
and feel festive.
There were some lovely choices of what to drink, coconut
almond hot chocolate, plum spiced tea, raspberry
tea, and creamed chi. They even put a blooming tea flower
as our centerpiece, when they poured hot water on it
it began to bloom.
Thanks girls, it was soooooo much fun!


Cassandra said...

love love loved it! I'm taking Eric and Angie there soon! they missed out on an extravagantly scrumptious evening. Thanks Bethany!!

*Kelly* said...

Yes, THANK YOU so much Bethany for all the time and care you took in putting that lovely evening together for us. Those gift boxes were such an unexpected surprise of joy to open and I'm still swooning over what a delighful experience that was. Cassandra, let me know when you plan to take Eric and Angie because I will go again!
XoXO, Love you Bethany!!