Thursday, May 14, 2009

May meeting everyone...who can make it.

Looks like the meeting will be held on:
Saturday May 16th

now as far as the where....I found out about
this amazing festival that looks incredible to see at
the U of U museum of art, where award winning
florists create arrangements especially for certain
pieces of art in which they will be displayed together
to create a whole new beautiful piece.
I was wondering if any if you would want to go see this
for about and hour maybe 11-12 and then eat lunch at the
museum cafe afterwards where we will discuss the schedule....
Entrance costs $10. For those that live in Provo or Lehi we
could all carpool... just come to my house and I will drive....


I had one request for the Tin Angel in SLC
which has yummy organic food and an outdoor patio.

So let me know how you all feel....
If we go see the art in bloom we should leave my house
at around 10:15 get to the museum 10:45 or so then eat
lunch at around 12ish.

or we can leave my house at 11:30 and eat lunch at Tin Angel
around 12ish.

The carpool offer is open for both these events. Just be at my
house at the given times.

Whatever we end up doing please bring your suggestions and ideas.

Let me know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May meeting anyone?

Spring has sprung and summer is shockingly close.
( summer already here?) and it would be absolutely
lovely to see everyone's shinning faces again. Last month
did, unfortunately, come to a close without a CC meeting
but Im pretty sure the month of April wreaked havoc on
everyone and everything. But let us see if we can meet up
this month for a lunch planning session. Im thinking:

May 15 for evening tea or dinner


May 16 for late breakfast, lunch, or tea
{I need to be home by 4 this day for a church activity}

{Im leave the 20th for the rest of the month}

Suggestions on where to eat:
Beehive tea house (SLC) for lunch or tea
Grand America (SLC) for tea
Ruth's Diner (SLC) for breakfast
The Dodo (SLC) for lunch or dinner
Cucina Deli (SLC) for lunch
"Spark" (Provo) for lunch or dinner and fancy drinks
Happy sumo or Mikado (SLC) for sushi
Anywhere with an outdoor patio too.
Please make some suggestions

As this will be a planning meeting it would be awesome
if all of you could come with at least 3 suggestions for
things you would want to learn and themes for meetings
and 1 or 2 things that you would be willing to teach or host.

Our CC activities can range from casual and small to
large and in depth, go with whatever style fits you.
Don't feel intimidated or worried about
any of your thoughts just write em down. It will be fun
to have the variety in styles.

Please comment or email me with your suggestions
and RSVPs so we can choose a definite time and place.

I look forward to seeing all of you.

We have a few additions too that would like to meet all of you.

Some suggestions for CC meetings:
-Sewing a simple dress pattern
-Making Jam and Bread
-Languages (learning phrases and making connections between
our english words and other language roots)
-Music (the eras Baroque, classical, romantic ect.)
-Southern culture and cooking
-Spain- Maybe teach how to play a little guitar
-Any country
-Poetry and writing
-Reading a couple spark notes on a few classics and discuss
-Interior design
-Silk Screening
-Mens days (having a couple of our husbands come in and teach
us a few man skills and then go to a baseball game)
-Pie making
-Science day (an Imax show, the planetarium, star gazing
-Utah Day (go swimming in the great salt lake (CANT sink)
take a tour of Saltair) Eat somewhere Utahish (not training
-Go to the Sprial Jetty take pictures learn about the artist
and other artists like him, maybe create our own installation
-History day
-Go to the opera
-Go to the Symphony
-Learn Photoshop
-Learn Illustrator
-Beauty Day (give ourselves facials, manicures, pedis,
learn more about skin car and makeup application)
-Personality color coding and interpretation
-Dancing (learn and then go)
-Charles Dickens Day
-Jane Austin day
-Sharing holiday traditions and recipes day
-Country day (share recipes and go to a rodeo, learn some
cowboy skills)
-Etiquette day discuss manners and behavior
-Animal day (Play with pets, learn more about our pets, or
go to an IMAX, or go to the zoo or aviary)
-Memory day (share favorite things from our childhoods)
-20's Day
-50's day
-80's day
-Victorian day
-Fashion Day (fashion throughout the decades)
-U.S.A. day learn more about politics and our country
-Children's Book day
-Cupcake decorating (HELLO CUPCAKE!)
-Baking 101 (maybe get cupcakes from So Cupcake shop)
-Cake decorating
-Movie day (watch a classic discuss history of film and get a top 100
movies to see list)

And Im sure you can think of a few too...