Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cheese night = sophisticated tastes & Autumn Charm

Our cheese night was an amazing success. Special thanks to John
and friends. The event was held at Nick's family's cabin up in
Sundance. First there was an delectable dinner including,
Mac 'n cheese made with aged cheddar, french onion soup made
with gruyere, gorgonzola and pear tart, and berry & spinach salad
sprinkled with blue cheese.
Then came an amazing presentation and cheese tasting.
John had worked with a cheesemonger at Caputos deli and
had brought the most exotic and rare cheeses. We tasted
the cheeses in groups specified by the different countries
they were from. France, Israel, America, UK, were just some
of the countries that were represented. We learned about
how to detect different flavors and describe specific tastes.
Fruity, nutty, creamy, earthy, sharp, sour, bitter, etc.
Fruit, olives, and crackers served as pallet cleansers.
We ended the night with watching a movie clip about
nuns that make cheese. We learned the process of curding,
and aging. It was fascinating to learn how the different
bacterias found in different cheese caves could change
the flavor of the cheese
so much.
We voted for our favorite cheese, I voted for this cheese,
O Banyon. Not only did it look pretty but tasted
wonderful. It came in second overall.
Some of us slept over at the cabin. In the morning we ventured
on a hike up to stewart falls. The leaves had just started to
change, the air was crisp, and the sun was shining. It
was so beautiful.

thanks everyone, this event was spectacular.

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