Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lavender Shoot

{Pics I took on our picnic today}

I am so excited for this shoot I cant even tell you.
I just took my mother in law on a picnic for her
birthday in the fields and...oh my word.
It is so gorgeous, I couldn't stop taking pictures.
You guys will love it.
So here is the plan.....

-Everybody meet at my house @ 6pm
Monday evening, sun sets around
8:30 so we want plenty of time to
get there and shoot in good light
(for those of you that cant come till
later I will post directions at the end
of the post so you can meet us there)
-Bring a couple snazzy outfits, but at
least one all black dress or outfit
(group shot!)
if you dont mind I thought we could mix
and match our clothes for different looks
-Come with your hair done, but I will have
brushes, hairspray, bobby pins, etc
for some do's on the spot
-Come with your make-up done but do
bring your make-up bag with you
(I will bring some of my fancier
make up so we can add to and get
creative with your already gorgeous
-Im going to try to bring both of my
fancy chairs to pose with
-Bring some treats or drinks if you like
-Come ready to sass it up, lets not be
timid for the camera girls

I posted some pictures from my most recent fashion shoot
that is part of a vintage project that Im
doing for my grandmother.
Hope they inspire you and get you
stoked for our
{my older sister Karin in Granna's power suit}

-Go south on I-15 for 45 min from lehi
1 hour or so from SLC
-Get off on exit 242 South Sanaquin
-Turn left at the first stop sign
-go south on that frontage road for about 6 miles
-you will see the fields a few miles out
-Follow the signs to the visitor center and then
give me a call so I can direct you to our location



The Winkels said...

Oh my goodness, I am so so excited! Bethany thanks for this fun idea. See you all very soon.

Angie said...

I be there at 6 with all the snazz and pizazz I can muster!

*Kelly* said...

Eeeee, I'm getting so nervous and so excited! I will be there at 6 and I will try to ham it up in front of the camera! (I do get a little camera shy) Thank you again Bethany, I can tell this is going to be a great memory!