Monday, July 26, 2010

March CC meeting= artistically delicious

In March a few of us went to the Art and Soup
Celebration at the Sheraton Hotel. We got to
taste samples of all the lead utahan restaurants'
best soups recipes, while strolling through art all done
by local artists. We got to experience all stages of the main
auction where a few painters were given a time limit in
which they needed to paint a mini masterpiece that after the
time limit was up was slapped into a frame and
then auctioned off where all proceeds went to charity.
Very cool.
We wished there were more sweet chilled soups as we
lived for the few dessert tables tucked in between all the salty
and savory soups. We ended the night with a run to Barns and
Noble to get passion fruit iced teas. Double yum.
Thanks Gals!

This was my favorite artist. Loved the modern paintings of
vintage equipment. Loved the color pallet.

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