Saturday, January 3, 2009

Upholstery Classes!!!!!

Hey girls I have found an upholstery class that we can take, it is held at Hillside Middle School in SLC for those of you that arnt alma mater of that lovely institution it is about 2300 East between 1700 S and 2100 S just off of the parleys exit on the I-215 east. The class costs $130 which might seem to be a bit high but its extremely lower than a custom made couch. :) Registration is Jan 5th-9th and classes start the week of the 12th. Im totally excited and want to know if anyone is interested in doing it with me. I teach tuesdays from 1-5 but I think I can race up to SLC for the 7:00 class. 

Here is more about registration and schedules: click here  The upholstery class info is on pg. 20.

Please let me know what you guys think......


the swapps said...

yes please and thank you! are you really going to do this? If so, I think I will need to join you.

Lindsey said...

IS there a sewing machine requirement?