Friday, January 16, 2009


Looks like I didnt register in time for the upholstery class. So hopefully I can be better prepared and act a little faster for the next semester...which I think are fall classes.

Im just editing the pictures of our Tea Party. OOooo they are lovely. Thank you all for coming over and making that afternoon so amazingly fun. Cant wait till the next get together.....

Libby, are you still on for hosting our february club get together? Still planning on a cooking demo and yummy recipe sharing? All you gals be looking at your schedules and be commenting on possible days that we could get together next.   


Lindsey said...

So beautiful! Thanks again for hosting beth, I love the cd!

Crittle said...

the tea party was so fun! i could have stayed there all evening! i'm sooooo flexible for the next culture club meeting because we have no plans for the next couple months except for moving in and working on our new house! i have a friend visiting from nyc Feb 4-8, so other than that and around valentine's i think i'm good to go!