Saturday, November 8, 2008

Warm you soul its so good...

This is my new favorite treat! It is the right combination of cranberry orange with a tiny "plant" flavor that comes off more as a spice flavor. I have always had a love hate relationship with herbal teas. Growing up I liked the idea of drinking warm tea but every tea that I had just tasted like a watered down version of something that might have been good with a planty sometimes dirt-y (not to be confused with "not clean" but actually tasting like dirt) aftertaste. But in my recent years as an adult I found out that I can make my own tea however I want, which makes all the difference. I like to have this tea with:
-rally warm water (non of this luke warm stuff)
-TWO tea bags for just one mug
-two spoonfuls of sugar (helps the medicine .....tea......go down......)
-and a good helping of Half and Half (straight from the fridge into the hot tea, cause warm cream just curdles up and makes a nasty texture to your tea)

I also really like to make a very Yummy iced tea with my peach and berry teas, but Ill save those recipes until next summer (unless requested before then).

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