Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some really quick movie reviews....

I watched this film classic during my intro to film class at BYU (one of my most favorite classes I ever took at that institution). And I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Part of my enjoyment could have been brought about by the fact that this was the last film that we watched and I had all the semester's lectures on analyzing film still fresh in my mind so that I was truly able to recognize how innovative and rule braking the cinematography was for this film at the time that it was created. Sometimes its hard for our younger generation to watch older films with the lack of realistic special effects or out-dated humor and acting quality. But this film was so creative for its time that I didnt have much of a transitional moment where I had to prepare myself for a typical old movie. The filming angles and framing are so unique. 

The plot was also thought provoking as well. It causes you to think of questions such as "what would people think of my life after Im gone?" "In the end what is the most important thing in life?" "What would I remember from my life while lying on my death bed?". Although the actual characters never fully found the answers to these questions for Kane's life the viewer does get a glimpse at the very end, and my interpretation is that although Kane was so successful and rich the thing most important to him (although he never expressed this until on his death bed) where his memories of being with an actual loving family.

I also enjoyed finally seeing many references from this movie that I have heard all my life, in their real context. "Rosebud....", "Xanadu". So many actors and films refer to this movie, and now, finally I can catch those jokes and references. 

I would definitely recommend this one.

I finally got to watch the original version of this movie on Halloween this year. And as many of you know, I hate scary movies. Im sensitive and dont have the ability to watch a scary movie and then sleep soundly with all the lights off. My most common reaction is to stay up the entire night with all the lights on watching G rated movies to try to get the images out of my head, I get scarred pretty easily. I used to do alright and I saw a ton of horror films, but one day like a light, I just switched. So I accepted to watch this film hesitantly.  I had seen the shower scene over and over agin in my film class so I thought I knew what to expect. But after the shower scene happened (and it happened way earlier that I ever expected) The film was gripping. I was on edge the whole time. I think that a good scary movie shouldn't have to rely on countless deaths and endless blood and gore to scare you. A really well written and acted plot is all that it takes to intrigue and totally scare the viewers, without any psychological or evil-spirit-inhabiting-your-body residual effects. And that is exactly what this film was. The definition of a psychological thriller. There was very little blood and surprisingly you never see a knife enter someone's skin. I oddly enough thought it was a great movie. I would definitely suggest it for your next halloween night.

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Toni S. Cook said...

Bethany I love BOTH of these movies, and you can imagine my delight to hear that you are starting to like scary movies! I have one to add to the list of movies to watch and review. It's called "El Orfanato" or the "The Orphanage". It's set in Spain and is in spanish subtitles but is such a good, gripping and intense movie with out any disturbing/bloody images.