Friday, February 5, 2010

February Meeting...

The February Meeting has been officially scheduled for
Tuesday February the 9th @ 6:30pm
location Bethany's House.

There will be tasty treats, a magical setting, and a
romantic film to accompany our main event...
Felt Valentine's Wreaths

For the past week I have been searching high and low
for styrofoam heart wreath forms and all my searches
have come up fruitless. Frantic that we might not
have a crucial element to our craft I ordered a few online
for fast delivery. I'm going on a felt run on monday...
If you are planning on coming to the event and
planning on making a wreath let me know asap via comment
on this post or email so I know how many supplies
I will need to get. (I thought that I could just
get the supplies in advance and have you all pay me
back considering how hard it has been to find some
of the materials)
We are looking at $8 a person for the craft.
If you dont want to do the craft still come and enjoy
yourself with the delectable delights, enlightening facts
on Valentine's Day, a fun flick, and wonderful company.
Hope to see many of you soon.


*Kelly* said...

You know I'm coming and I'm excited to make a wreath! I'll be there for sure Tuesday! P.S. did you want me to help make/bring anything? I can help! Thanks for putting all this together, I can't wait!!

Angie said...

I am coming, but I will not be making a wreath. I would like to make some food to share. Do you have a recipe, or something you'd lIke me to make? Text or call or email & lemme know. So excited!

Cassandra said...

I'm in and want to make a wreath! I'd love to bring treats too! Ill say "same for me" as Angie said: if u have a recipe u want me to make or something in mind I'd love to bring something. Feeling valentiney, Cassandra