Thursday, April 23, 2009

What about April?

Hey gals, this month has been a most terribly busy (and even overwhelming and busily terrible) month, and it is coming to a close without it's Culture Club meeting really fast here. Things are still extremely busy with me but I was wondering if any of you would want to scramble and help make a meeting happen in the next week or so? If not that is definitely fine but having monthly meetings will have to be a group effort so if not this month try to share future months and activities that you will be willing to host.
I am totally willing to help organize your input and suggestions into a concrete schedule. So let the brainstorming begin.
Just some last ditch suggestions for this month:
-We can go out to lunch together for a future CC meeting planning session
-Go see a cool movie together
-Visit the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
-And also.... I teaching a photography class for an enrichment night for my ward at my house tuesday 28 at 7 pm. If you would want to come and learn more about photography this is also an option.

Im excited to here from ya'll.

In the meantime here is an absolutely lovely film that will spark the creativity (and romance) that is in all of us. Happy Spring, too!

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Toni S. Cook said...

I'm gone til the 30th but I'd LOVE to go to the Tulip festival! I've never been!