Sunday, March 15, 2009

GeT ExCiTed


Just reminding you girls about
our CC meeting coming up this Saturday the 21st.

If you have accepted a food assignment &
have any questions just let me know.
Or haven't accepted one yet but want to.

@ 12:00 Pm
Bethany's House

get excited.

If you liked the brushes I used in the above poster
(Which Im sure that Crystal would have made a much cooler one)
Here is a link. They are an exciting new find for me.
And the image was an image that I shot and then
used the "cut out" filter in photoshop to stylize.
That filter reminds me of the work that this girl does
a great idea for some personalized wall hangings
that you could make yourself or get through her.

Sorry for the random tangent
just thought I would let you know as
I would love to hear your creative ideas.

1 comment:

Crittle said...

ha ha ha, no, i don't have a cooler one, and i'm impressed!