Monday, February 23, 2009

February C.C. Meeting = Yummy

Thanks to Libby for hosting the February Culture Club meeting. She did a cooking demonstration for an impressive, healthy, and very yummy 30 min meal and did a wonderful job. She cooked Salmon with a brown sugar glaze, brown rice, asparagus, and garlic breadsticks. It was fast and amazingly tasty. We got great tips on where to shop, what to get, measuring tips, and seasoning suggestions. Not to mention sweet chic little binders to store our recipes. It was so fun to spend an afternoon learning and chatting with my lovely ladies. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. She is going to post the recipes soon. We were also asked to bring our favorite 30 min recipe which I will post soon as well. All of you feel free to post your delightful yet fast recipes even if you couldn't make it to the meeting. I cant wait till next month. Be planning on our monthly meetings being about the 2nd or 3rd saturdays of every month so mark those on your calenders, we will hold the meetings those weeks with whoever can make it that month. I look forward to see all of you.

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Lindsey said...

Ah i'm so sad I missed it! the shower took much longer than expected. grrrr. These pictures are amazing, and the food looks divine (as does Libby's outfit) ;)